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A Roadmap to a Decarbonized Planet

About countdown to 2030

Countdown is a communication platform to promote actions needed for each  of the next ten years that focus on a sense of urgency on the problem;  highlight the solutions and level of ambition needed in that timeframe;  and inspire new solutions and commitment by key stakeholders world-wide  before it’s too late. 

Countdown provides consistently branded speakers,  messaging, data, and solutions that are specifically tailored to a wide  variety of audiences, reached online and at conferences. Progress  reports and other context-setting tools will be made available annually  for each of the next ten years to focus a sense of urgency on the  problem; highlight the solutions and level of ambition needed in that  timeframe; and inspire new solutions and commitments by key stakeholders  worldwide, before it’s too late to save our planet and ourselves from  irreversible climate change impacts. 

Content focuses on 6 key sectors:  Energy, Waste, Transportation, Food, Conservation, and Innovation.  “Countdown Commitments” from corporations, governments, and NGOs – meaningful actions that will help us achieve our 2030 goals will also be measured, reported, and shared.


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